Debt Collection

Advice on debt collection

Support with recovering debts and preventing unlawful debt enforcement against clients.



We analyse the case at hand and the debtor’s financial standing – this will help us determine the odds of a successful outcome and possible debt repayment scenarios.

Soft debt collection

We support our clients in recovery of their debts – we make phone calls and send dunning letters to debtors.

Conciliatory measures

We take immediate conciliatory and formal measures aimed at collecting out, including:

  • representing Clients in negotiations with debtors/creditors,
  • conducting court proceedings in relation to payment claims,
  • representing creditors/debtors in debt enforcement proceedings and monitoring the progress of same.


In particularly challenging cases we contact and organise a briefing meeting with our trusted partners who provide us with legal assistance in:

  • creating a detailed collection strategy,
  • planning and conducting the process of debt sale or purchase,
  • anti-collection service, i.e. any measures aimed at preventing unjustified or unlawful debt collection.

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