Concierge services

Support in dealing with day-to-day duties and assistance in tackling various challenges attached to the modern way of living.



We pool the client’s fixed payments on a single bank account, which is then used to pay the appropriate bills.

Stationary concierge

Services are provided upon a phone and e-mail contact:

  • hiring a chauffeured limousine,
  • booking tables at a restaurants, tickets for sports and cultural events
  • making hotel reservations and buying tickets for different means of transport,
  • searching and buying presents,
  • making medical appointments,
  • booking visits at beauticians, hairdressers or gyms,
  • booking cabs and transfers,
  • searching interesting trainings or courses.

Mobile concierge

Services provided via personal contact:

  • travel and vacation planning, organisation of weekend trips and holiday leaves,
  • dealing with formal matters, at the bank, post office etc.,
  • arranging events and celebrations,
  • driving children to school and back,
  • making daily and special shopping,
  • buying prescription medicines,
  • delivering and collecting clothes from a laundry or a tailor,
  • taking care of animals, providing support with veterinary and cosmetic care,
  • taking care of the apartment during the owner’s absence,
  • assisting in relocations, repairs, cleaning,
  • assisting in technical problems,
  • accompanying and caring for elderly persons,
  • organising free time for children; driving them to classes and back,
  • ordering and delivering flowers,
  • ensuring substitute drivers.

Vehicle concierge

Services provided by a motor vehicle specialist:

  • assistance in selecting and buying a car, negotiating the price, checking the technical condition,
  • assistance in car maintenance and repair,
  • arranging visits and taking the car for MOT checks,
  • car wash and valeting.

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