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Damian KąkolHead of Financial Department
Customer Service Coordinator

He gained professional experience in an international company active in the financial market. He contributed to and implemented business projects for insurance institutions and law firms. He organised and trained sales teams. He constantly expands his knowledge by tracking trends in capital markets and cooperating with many experts from the financial sector. So far several hundred clients have appreciated his effectiveness and professionalism.

Joanna DobkowskaHead of Legal Department

Legal counsel and mediator. She has extensive experience in providing day-to-day services to legal persons and in formation, operations and transformation of Polish and foreign-owned companies, branches and representative offices of foreign companies, foundations and associations. She also specialises in economic contracts as well as in trade law, labour law, civil and public procurement law, court proceedings and e-commerce.

Katarzyna SzelachowskaHead of Accounting Department

She has over 20 years of experience in accounting services. Her knowledge and skills in the field are constantly expanded and updated thanks to participation in numerous courses, including those organized by the Polish Accountants’ Association. She is licensed to provide bookkeeping services (certificate granted by the Ministry of Finance). She has also extensive experience in the field of human resources and has built up an efficient team of the Accounting Department.

Marcin KotarbaTax advisor

He has been a tax advisor for more than 10 years (entered in the list of tax advisors under No. 10276), and his high, constantly upgraded qualifications were proven by a state examination, which earned him a licence to do this profession. He obtained a PhD degree from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and specialises in providing advice to small and medium-sized enterprises. He also participated in corporate restructuring schemes that used optimisation vehicles. Chess aficionado – he moves on the chess board with equal agility as he does in the intricacies of the tax law. For his clients, he designs brilliant and precisely planned strategies that lead to attainment of the intended objectives.

Jakub OrłowskiHead Of Business Department

Specialist in capital markets, highly knowledgeable about the matters that lie at the intersection of business and accounting. His years of experience in the sector are supported by successfully completed stockbroking courses. An effective coordinator responsible for organising a remote branch of the company and for setting up a team of employees. Has very good communication skills, an open attitude and a high level of empathy.

Katarzyna IrzmańskaHead Of Concierge Department

Outstanding organiser. As a Back Office manager, she coordinates the work of the following departments: financial, legal, accounting, concierge; she has oversight over the circulation of documents, caters to effective internal communication, prepares financial projections and reports. As an HR Manager, she uses her extensive experience of dealing with people and high interpersonal skills, refined through recruitment processes; she also organises sports events and acts as a professional tennis instructor. Determined and successful at tackling numerous challenges, which is why clients have full comfort entrusting her with new tasks associated with their private lives.

Jakub BorkiewiczHead Of Sales

Specialist with a thorough knowledge of investment policies, combining expertise with understanding of and respect for clients’ needs. His personal ambition and an overarching objective is to work out the most favourable terms of cooperation and ensure the highest quality of service to guarantee satisfaction and security for clients. Valued by colleagues for this high attention to detail and charisma, which he uses to motivate and inspire others to constantly develop and upgrade their skills.

Iga PotakowskaSales Support Unit Manager

She supports specialists in sales and customer service processes. She organises internal trainings and takes care of new hires who are responsible for contact with clients. She makes sure that her reports act professionally and with high degree of integrity as she appreciates the importance of openness and trust in the company’s relationships with its clients.


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