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The mission of Goodwill Consulting is to offer clients a new level of quality that no one else can offer – a relationship built on trust


In contrast to the majority of companies in the consulting sector, our philosophy is to provide reliable information and to support clients in taking informed decisions to choose the best offers.

Our objective is to build long-term partnerships with clients by means of a professional and above all fair approach to them and their needs. By offering our expertise and the highest quality of service, we respond to specific challenges that clients set for us so we can earn their lasting trust that their interest and security are absolute priorities for Goodwill Consulting.

The idea of formation and operations of Goodwill Consulting originated from observing the situation in the market of consulting services.

We propose a distinctive, innovative model of cooperation, a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Our ambition is to develop long-term partnerships, which is why benefits and security of our clients, both retail and business ones, are on top of our agenda.

Knowledge is the strongest currency in today’s world. Therefore, we guarantee our clients reliable and thorough information about our services. We assume that clients know what they need most, and supported with our experience and professionalism they can make the decisions that will work best for them.

Clients retain us under a contract, so we take full responsibility for their satisfaction with our services. Thanks to the special, flexible service plans designed by Goodwill Consulting and offered in the form of a subscription, we give clients the freedom to choose only those solutions that they are interested in.

We value honest and open dialogue – this allows us to respond to our clients’ needs on an ongoing basis. This process is facilitated by modern, convenient and time-saving communication channels, including a website. The clients of Goodwill Consulting may rest assured that they have a reliable partner who will attend to their security needs, take some load off them and help them confront the challenges of the modern day.

Goodwill is a term that refers to the value of an enterprise above the sum of its assets.

In our work we are always willing to act for the benefit of our clients. To show a fair attitude, focus on people and positive relations, to build trust and well-being. This is an intangible value arising from good name and reputation, features that we relentlessly and eagerly create. This is our innovation, understanding for others, openness, kindness, respect for clients and concern for their well-being


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