Legal advice

Analysis of the legal issue and organization of meetings with firms that provide legal assistance in particular areas.



We will conduct a thorough and multi-dimensional analysis of the client’s legal situation and will indicate the best strategies and action methods.


We ensure legal service and advice in many areas (including in economic, financial, trade, civil, public procurement and e-commerce law).


The legal assistance provided by Goodwill Consulting may take the form of one-off consultations or a regular legal aid. We offer legal assistance in relation to:

  • drafting letters, documents and motions,
  • court and out-of-court cases,
  • mediations and negotiations.

The users of our packages will be ensured legal assistance in the form of unlimited phone and e-mail consultations or in the offices of Goodwill Consulting at pre-arranged meetings.

Retail clients who use the Basic Package will be provided with:

  • consultations and opinions concerning the contracts signed by the client (e.g. with financial institutions or tenants),
  • legal support in complaint-handling.

Business clients who use the Basic Company Package are offered:

  • legal support in complaint-handling,
  • contract drafting, analysis and review,
  • setting up companies, preparing Articles of Association and terms of reference of governing bodies,
  • legal service for the governing bodies of corporations, support in decision-making processes at the level of executive boards, personnel training in the laws and regulations pertaining to individual job positions,
  • support in employment law – legal assistance relating to both individual issues and matters connected with restructure of entire enterprises, and in particular: drafting contracts, letters and regulations, and representing the client in employment-related or social insurance-related cases as well as dealing with industrial disputes,
  • providing assistance in recovery of cash claims; analysing the status of the case and the debtor’s financial position; sending demands for payment; making phone calls to debtors to collect out,
  • taking conciliatory and formal measures aimed at debt recovery, including: representing the client in negotiations with debtors/creditors; conducting court proceedings in payment disputes; representing creditors/debtors in debt enforcement proceedings and monitoring the same.

The clients who use the Lawyer Max option will be provided with specialist support in an unlimited number of hours alongside full and permanent legal care.


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