Why Goodwill Consulting?

Thanks to our philosophy and operating model we can offer a wide array of unique benefits to our clients.



Assembling in our organizational structure various departments allows us to look at business challenges from many different perspectives, deepen its’ analysis and achieve high efficiency. Solutions that we come up with are effective and beneficial to our customers in many dimensions of their business activities.


In order to achieve success, apart from the broad knowledge of one’s core business, know-how in other fields is necessary e.g. law, accounting, taxes, finances etc. Our professional support in these areas allows entrepreneurs to focus on their core business while we take care of other aspects of developing the company.

Freedom of choice

Our ambition is to make the effects of our professional activities speak for themselves and to gain customers’ lasting trust. That is why we propose a flexible collaboration model, based on our unique and innovative services plans, offered as a subscription. We offer freedom to choose only those solutions which the customer deems beneficial.


Efficient information flow and precise communication are essential in business. Our consultants are ready to assist and answer all possible queries. We value sincere dialogue because it gives our clients better understanding of the actions we undertake, while we on the other hand have deeper insight into their expectations and real needs.


How may we assist you?

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